FX Airguns Dreamline Classic Laminate Black Pepper PCP Air Rifle

FX Airguns Dreamline Classic Laminate Black Pepper PCP Air Rifle

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The FX Airguns Dreamline Classic Laminate Black Pepper PCP Air Rifle is the natural evolution of the FX Streamline. FX has taken the proven Streamline platform and added world class features that take it to the next level; bridging the gap to rifles such as the FX Crown and FX Impact. Like all Dreamlines the Classic features the STX barrel system; this gives the Dreamline the unique ability of changing both the calibre of the gun as well as the inner liner of the barrel to allow for different twist rates and other bore specifications. This provides a tailored barrel to meet the vast array of projectiles available today.

FX Airguns are lovingly handcrafted by a team of over 50 Swedish craftsmen and engineers that have honed their skills to perfection; and airgun lovers worldwide have rightfully come to expect much from them. An FX Airgun won’t leave the factory until it has been thoroughly tested in all aspects of its masterfully engineered capacities. FX Airguns provide superior accuracy, dependable consistency, as well as being remarkably quiet, efficient and extremely powerful. Inevitably, FX Airguns are known for outperforming their competition with ease.


  • Optics 11 mm Dovetail Scope Mount
  •  Muzzle ½” UNF
  •  Trigger Adjustable Match Trigger
  •  Energy 4.5 (.177): 16J • 11.5 ft/lbs+
  • 4,5 (.177): 24 J • 18 ft/lbs
  • 5.5 (.22): 16J • 11.5 ft/lbs+
  • 5,5 (.22): 41 J • 30 ft/lbs
  • 6,35 (.25): 60 J • 45 ft/lbs
  • 7,62 (.30) TBA
  •  Weight Synthetic: 2,6 kg
  • Walnut: 2,8 kg
  • Laminate: 2,9 kg
  •  Charging Quick Charge System Mk I

Product Specification

  • Cocking system Sidelever
  •  Magazine type Removable High Capacity
  • 22 Shot When Cal .177
  • 18 Shot When Cal .22
  • 16 Shot When Cal .25
  • 13 Shot When Cal .30
  •  Stock Synthetic, Walnut
  • Laminate Black Pepper
  •  Calibre 4,5 (.177) 5,5 (.22) 6,35 (.25)
  • 7,62 (.30)
  •  Barrel FX Smooth Twist X Match Grade
  • Free Floating
  • Length 4,5 (.177): 500 mm
  • Length 5,5 (.22): 500 mm
  • Length 6,35 (.25): 600 mm
  • Length 7,62 (.30): 600 mm



This product is for the UK Market only. We cannot ship to any other country without an Export License in place.

Due to changes in the law (VCR Act-Oct 2007) you have to be 18 years or older to purchase  ANY firearm Air Gun, Suppressor, Moderator or Silencer. This item can be collected in store with the valid form of identification and your shotgun/firearms certificate. Guns, Suppressors, Moderators or Silencers CANNOT be posted to your home address. It is illegal to send them through the post but we can arrange for your order to be sent to your local RFD (for non-local customers) via a secure courier for you to collect. There will be a cost for this service.

For Further information email: info@thehuntingedge.co.uk

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