FX Airguns Impact M3 Black FAC PCP Air Rifle

FX Airguns Impact M3 Black FAC ..177 .22 .25 .30, .35 PCP Air Rifle


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The FX Impact M3 Black FAC Air Rifle. The most advanced, most innovative, most exciting, & most accurate air rifle ever created. The FX Impact line of Air Rifles define what the modern airgun can achieve. Once again FX have changed the game and created the FX Impact M3. Featuring ground-breaking advancements, new upgrades and a strong focus on creating the most capable airgun you will ever shoulder!


One of the many improvements to the Impact M3 is the dual regulators that have been added. The first regulator, built inside the valve stem of the rifle, pre-reduces the air pressure in preparation for the second regulator. The second regulator then is able to achieve a more consistent output pressure whilst keeping stress and standard deviations down, this over time should keep the air gun running like the first time.


Power is fundamental when it comes to air gun shooting so with this in mind the FX Impact M3 features the all New FX Power Plenum 720 as it’s energy source. Featuring a larger diameter and 72cc volume of compressed air the Power Plenum 720 provides the precise amount of air & power required to propel a projectile. This new Plenum in combination with the Impact M3’s new porting & valving deliver an incredibly efficient & powerful rifle.


A highly customisable air gun allows the user to tailor their experience and the New M3 really allows this to happen. Featuring a new Quick Tune System which allows the user to fine tune the accuracy of their rifle making possibilities endless. Adjusting the air pressure of the Dual Regulators, how long the valve stays open for with the front valve adjuster, and adjusting the strength of the hammer with completely redesigned micro & macro power adjustments. The Rear Macro Power Wheel is a 16-step power wheel that can adjust in increments of 5-15 FPS (dependant on calibre and reg-pressure). In conjunction with the power wheel is a micro fine adjustment system that tunes the hammer strength in incredibly small increments of 1-2 fps with each click. The combination of precise and rapid adjustment is unrivalled and unmatched in the airgun world.


The Impact M3 really has taken a platform that is firmly viewed as the greatest airgun made and elevated it even further. Further improvements include an ambidextrous short throw cocking lever with enlarged handle, dual transfer ports on most calibres (.22 Model & .25 FAC Model), tightened barrel housing tolerances providing a tighter fit and better accuracy to the rifle, tightened tolerances to house the Side-Shot Magazine. An updated trigger system that allows a crisp second stage break whilst also allowing the trigger post to move forward or back, 20 MOA built into the scope, Wika Manometers and an abundance of forthcoming optional accessories to keep an eye out for.


  • The New Dual Regulation System
  • Extremely Customisable
  • Featuring a New Larger Power Plenum
  • Available in Black or Bronze
  • FAC Models Available


Calibre.177 .22 .25 .30 .35
Weight6.85 lbs
Cocking SystemRight Hand Positioned Sidelever with Ambidextrous Mount for Left handed Shooters
BarrelSmooth Twist X
Barrel Length600mm
Magazine38rd in .177 Cal, 28rd in .22 Cal, 28rd in .25 Cal, 23rd in .30 Cal,

18rd in .35 Cal

Air CapacityStandard – 480cc / .35 – 580cc
Air CylinderCarbon Fibre


250 BAR (3625 PSI)
ChargingFoster QD
Shots Per Fillup to 375 Shots in .177, up to 330 Shots in .22, up to 160 Shots in .25, up to 105 Shots in .30, up to 45 Shots in .35
Muzzle Energy.177 up to 35 ft/lbs, .22 up to 79 ft/lbs, .25 up to 89 ft/lbs, .30 up to 124 ft/lbs, .35 up to 156 ft/lbs
TriggerAdjustable Match
RegulatorDual Regulated


Due to changes in the law (VCR Act-Oct 2007) you have to be 18 years or older to purchase  ANY firearm Air Gun, Suppressor, Moderator or Silencer. This item can be collected in store with the valid form of identification and your shotgun/firearms certificate. Guns, Suppressors, Moderators or Silencers CANNOT be posted to your home address. It is illegal to send them through the post but we can arrange for your order to be sent to your local RFD (for non-local customers) via a secure courier for you to collect. There will be a cost for this service.

This product is for the UK Market only. We cannot ship to any other country without an Export License in place.

For Further information email: info@thehuntingedge.co.uk


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