PARD G19 Hand Held Thermal Imaging Camera

PARD G19 Hand Held Thermal Imaging Camera

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The PARD G19LRF Hand Held Thermal Imaging Cameras really allow the user high-tech, great quality performance with compact and lightweight design. Featuring a 5 inch LCD (800×400) and a frame rate of 50hz this display is capable of clearly showing your images making sure you do not miss a thing. The G Series is also easy to operate and suitable for many uses such as security, policing, observation and night hunting.


  • Great Quality Display
  • Long Range Detection Distance
  • Compact & Portable


Detector Resolution                                 384×288

Display Resolution                                   800×480

Digital Zoom                                             1x 2x 4x

Angle of View                                           19.5×14.7

Detection Distance (Human/Car)              700m/1000m

Hotspot Tracking                                       Yes

Laser Range Finder                                  No

Battery Life                                               >3 Hours

Size (Without Eye Mask)                         185x130x120mm

Weight (Without Battery)                          390g


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Pard 48mm Adaptor

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