Umarex M2 Empire .22 CO2 Air Rifle Kit

Umarex M2 Empire .22 CO2 Air Rifle Kit CO2 Powered Air Rifle

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The Umarex M2 Empire .22 CO2 Air Rifle Kit is powered by an 88 g CO2 capsule resembles a traditional repeating rifle and offers a wide range of features: a 1/2″ UNF muzzle thread, up to three Picatinny rails, a removable additional cheek piece for shooting with a telescopic sight, a polymer stock and a high-quality aluminum magazine. The XT Kit also includes a 6 x 42 telescopic sight, K3 Neo silencer, TMB 2 bipod, pellets and targets. German quality and loaded with features, it is so much fun to shoot that you’ll have a hard time putting it down. Let’s start with the all-weather stock. You can take this gun anywhere and not worry about a fragile finish, because it’s made from a durable polymer. This CO2 rifle uses an 88-gram Air Source cartridge, giving you up to 200 shots before you have to change cartridges. The fibre-optic sights will help you acquire your target, but feel free to mount a scope on the 11mm dovetail rail. The checkering on the pistol grip and forearm will help you get a good grip while you plough shot after shot from this 8-shot repeater. This gun is everything you ever hoped for in a CO2 repeater!

With its innovative multi-shot CO2 bolt-action system, the Umarex M2 Empire Kit .22 CO2 Rifle Kit is a genuine alternative to a conventional spring-powered air rifle. With each repeating operation, a pellet is fed into the rigid barrel, just as in a real precision rifle. A clean shot is released, with no loss of energy. Thanks to this system, the M2 has no trouble hitting distant targets.

Umarex M2 Empire .22 CO2 Air Rifle Kit :

The Empire Kit includes 3-9×40 scope, mounts, K3 Neo Silencer, Bipod, Pellets and Targets.
  • Calibre .177 or .22
  • 8 round magazine
  • 1180 mm long
  • Weighs just 3.6kg with silencer and scope
  • Max energy 16J (12ftlbs)

The M2 Empire Rifle Kit is Ideal for pest control, hunting & shooting targets 



This product is for the UK Market only. We cannot ship to any other country without an Export License in place.

Due to changes in the law (VCR Act-Oct 2007) you have to be 18 years or older to purchase ANY Firearm, Air Gun, Suppressor, Moderator or Silencer. This item can be collected in store with the valid form of identification and your shotgun/firearms certificate. Guns, Suppressors, Moderators or Silencers CANNOT be posted to your home address. It is illegal to send them through the post but we can arrange for your order to be sent to your local RFD (for non-local customers) via a secure courier for you to collect. There will be a cost for this service.

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Weight25 kg


12g CO2 Adaptor



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