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Note: We are an Online Business. At present we do not offer over the counter sales. 


Our Online Store operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to be able to purchase at your convenience. All orders placed will be processed on a queue based basis.

We offer a local delivery service for RFD and other products. For more information about this service, see our Deliveries Information or contact us at sales@thehuntingedge.co.uk

Live Chat 

At the Hunting Edge we want to make it easy for you to contact us. You can contact us by using our Live Chat Line which is manned Mon-Fri 10:30 am – 5:30pm and Saturday 10;30 – 5:00 pm, or you can email directly or by using our contact form below. Email and Live Chat are the quickest ways to get a response.

To use Live Chat Line just click on the “Chat Now” Tab on the bottom right hand of your screen. Our Live Chat Line will not be available on Sundays or on national holidays, but you can send a message that will be answered on a queue based basis. The live chat facility is operated on a queue basis and response times will vary due to the ammount of live traffic being dealt with. Our Live Chat software will limit the number of live chats that an operator can deal with at any one time, so you may be placed in a queue, or asked to submit a Ticket.


Emails will not be responded to on Sunday or on Bank Holidays, but we endeavour to respond to an email within 24-48 hours, but this may vary due to the time of year and volume of emails received. We would ask that you give our team time to respond to emails and tickets, and to keep to a single email/live chat chain as this makes it easier for us and you to keep a record of our conversation.

May we ask that you do not send multiple separate emails, chats or tickets as it will not result in a quicker response from our team and they may be detected as Spam or Spam Bots and automatically sent to the junk box.


Or you can use the Contact Form we have provided at the bottom of this page.


For Trade and General Office Enquiries, please call: 01304 820094

Please note that the phone number above is NOT a Sales Line or an Order Line it is a Trade and General Enquires line ONLY. The Voicemail Box is not manned and all messages are automatically deleted.

If you would like help with an order, have any questions or would like to give us some feedback, please email us as we have people dedicated to helping you. We want you to be completely satisfied with the quality of our services and performance of the products supplied to our valued customers.

Office Opening Hours

Please note: we only accept online orders only and are unable to take orders over the phone. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause

Monday:09:30   –17:30 (Closed on Bank Holidays)
Tuesday:09:30   –17:30
Wednesday:09:30   –17:30
Thursday:09:30   –17:30
Friday:09:30   –17:30 (Closed on Bank Holidays)
Saturday:09:30   –17:00







Correspondence Address (Only):

Manor House
CT16 3JN
United Kingdom (UK)

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