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Please find below some Frequently Asked Questions that our customers have asked over the years that we hope will help you in your purchasing decision!

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How long do I have to wait for my order to arrive?

Our delivery policy is 3-5 Working Days (Excluding Saturdays and Sundays and Bank Holidays) and this may vary due to the volume of orders received and by seasonal events such as Christmas and Bank Holidays) and that the 3-5 Working Days Deiivery is not Guaranteed. Due to Covid-19 Restrictions and working with reduced staffing levels (because of Government guidelines), things may take a little longer than stated above.

If your order is or contains a Restricted Product, such as a Shotgun/Rifle, Silencer/Moderator or an Air Weapon (Including CO2 BB Guns), we will contact you via email before proceeding further. Due to the legal requirements in processing and shipping your order it may take longer than if you ordered a Non-Restricted product. All orders are processed on a queue-based basis so please do give our team the time to contact you and/or process your order.


I tried to call but the phone line is always busy?

Our phone line is for Trade and General Office Enquiries and is not a Sales Line or an Order Line it is a General Enquires line only. The Voicemail Box is not manned and all messages are automatically deleted. If you would like help with an order, have any questions or would like to give us some feedback, please email us as we have people dedicated to helping you. We want you to be completely satisfied with the quality of our services and performance of the products supplied to our valued customers.


I have seen some of your products say “Pre-Order/Backorder” on them. What does it mean?

A Pre-Order or Backorder is:

To purchase a product either new and we are awaiting its release/launch.

Or it’s a product that is in such high demand that they are constantly sold out before they arrive with us and as such there is always a waiting list.

Please contact us via email or Live Chat to enquire about a specific product and waiting times before placing your order.


I would like to come and look around. Is it possible to visit your shop?

Currently, we are mainly an online business, so we are not open to the public but that may change in the near-future.


It says on your website that you are “Open 24 hours a day”?

Our website/Online Store is open 24 hours a day so you can shop when it is most convenient to you. Our Team only operate during Office Hours.


What are your Opening Hours?

Our Office Opening Hours are:

Monday:09:30   –17:30 (Closed on Bank Holidays)
Tuesday:09:30   –17:30
Wednesday:09:30   –17:30
Thursday:09:30   –17:30
Friday:09:30   –17:30 (Closed on Bank Holidays)
Saturday:09:30   –17:00








How long am I to wait for a response to my email or live chat ticket?

We try to answer all incoming emails and live chat tickets within 24 hours. Like all businesses we receive much higher volumes of enquiry at certain times of year. Once we respond to your email or ticket it is best to keep to that email/ticket chain/correspondence as it makes things a lot easier for our team to understand what has been said in previous conversations. We advise that you do not send lots of separate emails/chats/tickets as our system may see them as Spam and send them to the Junk Box.


Why can’t you post an Air Gun or Co2 BB gun to my home address?

We have an Important Notice on All our Restricted Product Pages and on our Deliveries Page which informs you that it is Illegal to post a Shotgun, Live Ammunition Rifle, Air Weapon, Silencer/Moderator/Suppressor directly to your home address or place of work. We offer a Local RFD Delivery Service but that only extends to a 45 Mile Radius from our store. If you live out of our delivery radius we will contact an RFD in your area and arrange to Transfer your order by Secure Courier for you to collect.

For customers living in Scotland and Northern Ireland, a Licence/Permit will be required to own a sub 12ft/lbs Weapon of any kind. Please clarify this with us prior to making a purchase as we will need to take sight of your Certificate/Permit before we can process your order.


How can I pay for my order?

We have 3 options. All of which are presented at the bottom of the checkout. PayPal, Finance or Direct Bank Transfer. All Major Debit/Credit Cards can be used via the PayPal Option without the need for a PayPal Account. Please note that Shotguns and Live Ammunition Rifles are unavailable to purchase via PayPal.


How can I apply for Finance?

Put the product(s) you wish to purchase into your shopping basket and select ‘Flexible Finance Options’ at the bottom of the checkout and follow the steps from there.


How old do I need to be to own an Air Weapon and do I need a licence?

If you live in England or Wales, you only need to be 18 or over. If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, a permit/Licence will be required for a standard sub 12ft/lb air weapon. All FAC Rated air weapons require an FAC (Fire Arms Certificate). All FAC rated air weapons will have “FAC” in the product title, or there will be a drop down menu on the product page allowing you to choose between “FAC” and “Non-FAC”.


What is the difference between a Spring-Powered Air Weapon, a CO2, or a PCP Air Weapon?

The spring air rifle is the most traditional and reliable power-plant as it has fewer moving parts. The benefit of a “springer” over the other two power-plants (Co2 and PCP) is that all you need to do to prime the weapon is to cock it manually. CO2 weapons use a 12g or 88g capsule to power the weapon and a PCP requires a stirrup pump, diver’s air cylinder or a compressor.

The advantage is that a Co2 and a PCP can be fired until either the magazine is empty, or the CO2 capsule needs changing or the PCP air bottle/cylinder is empty. Co2 and PCP air weapons tend to be quieter than “springers” and that has a lot of advantages when hunting or back garden plinking. Most air gunners end their journey with a PCP air weapon. The PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) is what is considered to be the ultimate air weapon. To fill the bottle or cylinder of a PCP you will need a stirrup pump, compressor, or a diver’s air bottle with a safety gauge and hose.


Can I order ammunition online and can it be posted to my home?

We can send Air Gun Pellets to your home, but Live Ammunition and Shotgun Ammunition can only be purchased over the counter or delivered by our Local RFD Delivery Service. We will not supply any live ammunition to customers who do not hold a current FAC (Fire Arms Certificate) or Shotgun Certificate. There are no exceptions to this policy including licence holders awaiting a renewal or amendment to an existing licence.


Some of your products have two prices on them, why is this?

This is because some products have the option to be purchased with other accessories and as a result, may cost more. For example, if you were purchasing a Night Vision Scope and you wanted to purchase the Rail Adaptor with it, it would be more expensive than without it. This also applies to other products such as Air Rifles where a Solid Wood Stock would be more expensive than the Synthetic Stock. These options can be seen on the right hand side of the product page where a Drop-Down Menu can be interacted with. Underneath the Dropdown menu, the price for the option you have selected will be viewed.

What is a Special Order Item?

These are products which aren’t always kept in stock or are tailor made. Special Order Items can have extended delivery timescales so for more information please contact us at sales@thehuntingedge.co.uk for delivery estimates.

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