Exporting Goods

International Non UK Export Shipping – If outside UK please read

There are special UK export rules for sales of telescopic scopes of 10x or more maximum magnification; for ANY type Bipod and all Silencers, Suppressors and Moderators.

We can arrange for a SIEL (Single Individual Export Licence) to cover your order which we offer free of charge, but it can take around four weeks for the The Department of International Trade to issue the licence.

Update 31st July 2014 – EU Sanctions – Russia

Until further notice no scopes covered by export control or other Military List Products such as bipods may be shipped to Russia.

This means only scopes of 4x maximum magnification may be shipped.

We will have to refuse, cancel or refund any orders received from Russia until these sanctions are lifted.

If you are ordering from outside the UK please be sure that you read and understood this page before you buy. If you do not agree please do not buy.

Export category 1 – Scopes UNDER 10x maximum magnification e.g., 3-9×40, 3-9×50, 6×32 (number before x is less than 10 then it is covered by this section)

There are no UK shipping restrictions on 9x or under scopes

Just go ahead and buy it and we will ship it. Just be sure you are allowed to import such a product first. Some countries do have import restrictions e.g., Brazil, UAE, Singapore

Category 1 is valid for exports to all destinations except:
Afghanistan, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Belarus, Burma (Myanmar), Burundi
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast
Lebanon, Liberia, Libya
North Korea
Occupied Palestinian Territories
Macau Special Administrative Region
Rwanda, Russian Federation
Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka* , Sudan, Syria,
*Sri Lanka – we can ship to under Export category 3.

Export Category 2 – Scopes 10x or more Magnification maximum e.g., 4-12×50, 4-16×50, 6-24×50 etc

Category 2 “Fast Track” Open Individual Export License (OIEL) – If you live in the following countries all scope makes and models are covered by this category¬† –
All EU countries with exception of Croatia.

The UK Export Control Organisation (ECO) will only give OIELs for places where Category 3 (SIEL) sales have been made already.
Non EU OIEL coverage – Australia, Canada, Chile, Falklands, Faroe, Gibraltar, Greenland, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Japan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Monaco, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland

Export Category 3 – Single Individual Export License (SIEL):
Scopes 10x or more magnification to countries not listed above and ALL bipods to any destination

UK Export Law and Rifle Scopes explained:
Scopes of 10x Magnification or more, Bipods and Tripods; Silencers, Suppressors and Moderators are defined as “Military List” products and are subject to export controls before they can be sent outside the UK.

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