Bisley Plain Shooting Stockings

Bisley Plain Shooting Stockings

Available in Four Colours

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Complete your look with Bisley Plain Shooting Stockings. Long socks in smart colour combinations like Bisley Plain Shooting Stockings. The socks go well with Tweed Breeks, but can also be used in other contexts, where you need long warm socks in good-quality 70% wool. Add to this the Garters. They perform a very special function. When you’re wearing breeks, you pull your socks up over them. Then you tie the garters around both the trouser legs and the socks, so that they don’t become separated during the hunt. Once you have tied the garters around your legs, you fold the socks down over them again, so that only the tassels can be seen hanging. Together, breeks, long socks and garters offer the most convenient and stylish clothing for hunting available.Garter Ties are not just for adornment! Even though they add a decorative touch, their purpose is to prevent your breeks and long socks from parting during the hunt.

These Shooting Stockings are crafted from the highest quality British Spun yarns. The high wool content provides a comfortable fit. The materials mix is 40% wool, 40% acrylic and 20% nylon ensuring comfort and hard wearing capabilities.

Medium 8-9½
Large 10-12

Medium 8-9½
Large 10-12

Available in:

  • Red
  • Olive
  • Tweed
  • Yellow




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