TRUGLO Tru Bead Universal

TRUGLO Tru Bead Universal

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The TRUGLO Tru Bead Universal is an alternative to the traditional Bead or front site. It enables the shooter to engage the target in both bright and low light. The TRUGLO Tru Bead Universal Helps eliminate problems with eye dominance and promotes shooting with both eyes open. Fits all ventilated rib shotguns. Fits any rib width. Includes interchangeable fibre optics. Extremely low profile. 0.060” fibre diameter.

  • Fits any rib width
  • Replaces front bead
  • Includes interchangeable fibers
  • Front sight includes different sized “clips” to eliminate twisting
  • Extremely low profile
  • Available in two different fiber diameters
  • CNC-machined
  • Endorsed by Ducks Unlimited


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